Garden Design in Somerset

Think of Somerset and it is almost impossible to think of the incredibly important contribution the region makes to British agriculture. This is a county built upon the foundations such an industry and a lot of that is down to the wonderful quality of the soil in these parts. To this day, Somerset remains the heart of the orchard industry and you don’t get to grow quality orchards without quality soil. Somerset soil is good stuff. So that means great gardens, doesn’t it?

Not everyone wants to grow food on their land. For those who do, that’s fine, but what if your aims are more design led? Good soil does not design a naturally stunning landscape for you, nor does it understand exactly what you want from your garden space. It’s for this reason that people all over the county need a little creative input to help make their garden dreams become a reality. Garden design Somerset from Laurence Maunder can help you escape from the shackles of a less than wonderful garden space, and look to give you that wonderfully outdoor space that meets with your expectations. Ask twenty people what they want from a garden and you might get twenty different answers, and that is why garden design is so exciting and so challenge. The help of a professional garden designer not only helps ensure that your ideas are fine tuned into workable options but that you taking advantage of a team with a fine portfolio of excellent work behind them.