Design Process

Laurence Maunder - Garden Designer - Services

Initial Site Meeting
This first step is for me to meet you, look at your garden and discuss with you what you want from your garden. I can make suggestions and give advice to enable you to decide on the best course of action, and which of the following services may best suit you. This initial site visit is free of charge within a 20 mile radius of Taunton. For gardens further afield, I may make a charge to cover travelling expenses. Having seen and discussed the size and complexity of the project, I will be able to provide you with full details of design and/or consultancy costs.

On site Consultancy
Here I can suggest ideas, provide on site sketches, discuss garden planning, plants and materials. Sometimes a single consultation is all that is required for you to develop your garden, or steer it in the right direction.

Concept Plan/Visuals
Prior to embarking on a full design, concept plans can ensure the general components of the design are agreed before a full design is produced. Alternatively, a concept plan can provide you with an idea to develop your own garden.

Full Design
A full design plan is produced to provide you or your selected contractor with enough detailed information to be able to construct the garden. The plans will usually include visuals to show how the completed garden will look, and suggestions for planting and materials. As part of a full design, I will conduct an accurate site survey, although if your garden is very large or complex, in which case a separate land survey may be required.

Planting Plans
Basic planting ideas will usually be included on a full design, but sometimes more detailed planting plans are required. I can provide this detail, and will select plants which are suited to your soil type and aspect, which will give your garden year round interest and structure, and which will compliment each other and the style of the house and garden.

Construction Drawings
These may be required by you or your contractor to show in detail how a particular part or feature of the garden is to be constructed.

Appointing Contractors and Project Management
I have a good deal of experience of working with landscape contractors. There are a number who I feel provide outstanding quality of workmanship, and who I am happy to recommend. I can help you choose or brief a contractor of your choice, and can also oversee projects to ensure that work proceeds in accordance with the design.