Garden Design in Exeter

If you have got to the stage with that challenging area at the back of the house and feel that enough is enough, you have to do something about, you may well be considering approaching a garden design team such as Laurence Maunder, but you may be curious as to how everything proceeds? It is after all not every day that you bring in the garden design Exeter specialists, is it?

Probably the most important aspect of the whole process is the initial site meeting. This is where the designer can meet you and have a very good look at your garden. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discuss with the designer exactly the sort of things that you are looking for from your newly designed garden. There could be many different things that you want to get across to the designer. Maybe you need the design to take into account any mobility issues you have or perhaps you are looking for something similar to another project that you have seen. What is certain though is that you are unlikely to mention anything that will come as a big surprise because a top garden design company like Laurence Maunder will have seen and heard it all. He has transformed many a garden that looked like a lost cause before now, so whatever state your garden is in, the chances are that he will have seen far worse. Laurence Maunder knows that what you want is has to be just right and it is a job that he will apply his skills, experience and professional approach in order to give you the garden that you really want.