Garden Design in Dorset

The challenging area that many people see their garden as can come in all manner of shapes and sizes. One of the wonderful features of living in the UK is that so many homes are unique in their layout, and that uniqueness extends to the gardens that come with them. You can quite often see three houses on the same stretch of roads with three entirely different garden layouts. Flat, hilly, partially terraced, paved, L shaped...the list is endless. For Laurence Maunder, garden designer Dorset is just one county where the challenges facing people looking to transform their garden are unique.

Garden design Dorset can provide challenges best tackled by a professional garden designer such as Laurence Maunder. It can be difficult to envisage how a garden may look with a different approach and that is why the input of Laurence Maunder garden designers Dorset will prove so worthwhile. Appointing a professional at the outset can save a considerable amount of time and money in the long run, as it will ensure you have a well thought out plan from the beginning and avoid costly mistakes. As an experienced, professional and Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, Laurence Maunder will provide a service of the highest standard to meet your individual requirements.